“Friends! Volunteers! Komrades!
Glory awaits us all.”
You have one imperative. Stay alive. Keep staying alive... for as long as it takes us all to achieve our destiny. We must endure. We must strive. We must continue ever forward... or until the next batch of recruits arrives, whichever.

Now snap to it! And remember, the Kommissar is not your Komrade!

What Is Front Line No Komrades?

Off to the front!


Front Line No Komrades is a fast-paced romp where your ragtag team is under constant assault as it works its way to the front. The only way to survive is by moving yourself out of, and your “komrades” in to, worst of it.

  • 31 Character Cards
    • 11 Character Line Cards
    • 10 Character Ability Cards
    • 10 Character Health Cards
  • 1 Initiative Card
  • 4 Target Cards
  • 38 Incoming! Cards
  • 89 Action Cards

How To Play Front Line No Komrades

You’ll always have the gentle encouragement of the Kommissar for inspiration, but we’ve put together a quick video to get you started all the same…!

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Attention Komrades! Front Line No Komrades is an exceptionally fast and fun game. We like to think of it as group therapy… with friends like these, who needs komrades?


In the fog of war, it’s sometimes tough to tell where the bullets are coming from. Here’s an FAQ for those questions that may be putting a grit in your goulash, which should get you straight back to the fun and excitement. If you’ve got a question, hit the “contact us” link and let us know, and we’ll get it sorted straight away.


PDF of the most asked questions, with the answers

Deustch Rules Translations

PDF der Front Line No Komrades Regeln in Deustch

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